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The Simple Solution Remote Administrative Office Support Services for Attorneys and Financial Professionals  


Administrative & Legal Assistant Services
for Attorneys, Business Coaches & Professional Speakers


We are your Simple Solution!

An example of the solutions we can provide:

Affordable solutions for conference room software that will meet your needs

Training & set up of your conference room

Set up & maintainance of conference registrations and reminders

Scheduling & coordination of Guest Speakers

Promotion of your event

Recording of the meeting or conference

Typed transcript of the meeting or conference

Follow up with registrants after the conference


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Laura Lee Sparks
The Simple Solution
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Are You.....

  • Struggling to keep up with the latest technologies available for business connectivity?
  • Having a hard time scheduling meetings that everyone can attend?
  • A speaker or consultant looking for alternatives to in-person events?
  • Wanting to limit travel to out of the office meetings and conferences due to busy schedules and rising gas prices?
  • Desiring to hold a seminar or workshop to tell others about your product or service without geographical limits?
  • Needing to collaborate with colleagues on a project but find it difficult to coordinate a time to meet in person?
  • Traveling to multiple locations to conduct training?
  • Are you limiting your effectiveness by only offering teleconferences?
  • Not utilizing virtual resources because of the high price of software or the time required learning iit?
  • Would you like a transcript or recording of your virtual conference or meeting?

We offer the Simple Solution to all types of conference and meeting dilemmas. Our services will enable you to easily hold virtual conferences and meetings (otherwise known as Webinars) with any number of attendees all from the comfort of your own office.

Webinars are the wave of the future. They will take your business meetings, collaboration, training and presentations to a new level of productivity. To put it simply a webinar is a virtual "seminar". By combining audio with video; it enables you to more successfully reach your audience.

With state of the art technologies which are improving every day, you can now easily reach any size group; in any geographical location; with your message. The ease for everyone is that there is no down time or travel expense to attend. Everyone can join from their computer where ever they may be; as long as they have an internet connection.

It is beyond the traditional teleconference and provides you with the tools to really interact with your audience, as if you were there in person. The only requirement depending on the software you choose is a computer, internet connection, a computer headset with microphone and in some cases a telephone.

Whether you simply need to conduct a meeting with a few colleagues or carry out a virtual conference for many; we will assist you with affordable solutions, and expertise assistance of the details. We can handle as much or as little as you need, our services are fully customizable. Contact us TODAY for a FREE Consultation to discuss the Simple Solutions we can provide for your Conference Connections!





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